BRILEX products are certified protection devices that all over the world safeguard production processes from the destructive power of explosions. The manufacture of such sensitive systems requires production processes that comply both with international standards and directives and that meet the requirements set out by several different quality-assurance systems.

Explosion Vent for Dust Explosion

The Explosion Vent

Dust Explosion Venting to the outside area

The Explosion Vent

The Accessories

for explosion vents.

Flameless Venting


BRILEX IndoorVents are applied for dust explosion venting inside production buildings

The IndoorVent IV

The IndoorVent EXL

Decoupling of filtersystems

Explosion Isolation Valve

Passive devices for isolating dust explosions

The Explosion Isolation Valve

Bidirectional decoupling

The Explosion Diverter

When the explosion can come from both sides

The Explosion Diverter