BRILEX - Explosion Isolation Valves RSK and BPF-M

In event of a dust explosion in a filter/dust collector, the explosion can travel back via the inlet ductwork to connected machinery or other plant equipment. Should an explosion be allowed to travel back to the plant, the explosion will gain significant speed and will cause catastrophic damage and can be life threatening to personal in the plant.

Ignition sources such as ember or sparks can be produced by process machinery and then be transported to filters. Filters can produce optimum conditions for dust explosions. The likelihood of an ignition source together with an optimum airborne dust concentration characterises filters / dust collectors as high-risk zones for dust explosions to occur.

Correctly designed and certified Explosion Vents in filters will protect their integrity, however an unisolated filter inlet duct will allow a high-risk hazard to propagate back to the rest of the plant.
Plant managers concerned about occupational Health and Safety as well as plant protection now have a cost effective opportunity for explosion isolation of filters compared to other products such as chemical suppression barriers, diverters and knife gate valves.

With certified BRILEX Isolation Valves it is now possible to isolate filters and run the plant economically.

Available sizes: DN 160 - DN 1000