BRILEX - Explosion Vents

BRILEX Explosion Vents combine safety and shorter opening times. The light-weight and simple construction guarantees a quick and safe opening of the disc. The higher service life enables their use under the hardest conditions. This can be as high as a "sixty-fold" benefit compared to traditional triple section designs that are now "out-of-date".

Explosion Relief Venting

Venting of dust explosions has been practiced for more than 50 years and provides the best protection for facilities where dust explosions can occur. When specifying explosion vents, the immense impact of pressure waves and flame propagation in the outside area need to be considered. Explosion relief must therefore be directed to a safe area.


BRILEX - Explosion Vents are specially designed for relief of dust explosions. By early relief of an incipient explosion, BRILEX Explosion Vents protect people and industry worldwide.

Designs and Applications

BRILEX provides the appropriate explosion vent depending on the application. The wide range of discs available is divided into three standard types that can be adapted for the customer's specific requirements.

GE (round) GE (rectangular) KE KER Accessories